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Select Private Investigations offer a wide range of discreet investigation services. Highly respected and professionally trained, with over 35 years experience in policing.
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Select Private Investigation Detectives will only undertake an Investigation that we are 100% sure we can complete professionally and discretely.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act so all of your personal information is stored within a controlled environment.

Under no circumstances will any part of the Operation or client details be revealed to any third party.

We work strictly on a one to one personal basis.

The following is a list of services that are available:

Further details of the above services can be found within this document. This list is not exhaustive and all client requests not listed above will be considered and can be discussed in confidence with an expert investigator/detective.


Are your children being looked after by your child minder, your parents being properly cared for properly?
Can you trust the welfare of your loved ones to your nanny, child minder, au pair, or care assistant?
Do you know what they are doing and how they are being looked after and treated whilst you are not there?
Leave it to us to find out, call us now.


Commercial business related investigations can span many elements of business activity. The main requirements commercial businesses have in our experience have arisen from employee related matters such as theft, absenteeism, fraud or even simple HR issues.
We at Select Investigations could save you a considerable amount of time and money in conducting Investigations into your staff, through careful inventory research, sickness, fraud through to HR company investigations.
Our corporate investigative services include the following list which is not exhaustive or limited to the following:
Debtor Tracing
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Counter Surveillance/TSCM
Process Service
Mobile Phone and DATA Forensics
Criminal Investigation: Witness statements taken, alibi verification and the tracing of material witnesses.
Fraud Investigation
Employee Monitoring


At Select Private Investigations we have the capability to obtain quality video footage through either covert or overt means. We currently have the ability to monitor CCTV installations 24/7 at our East Anglian Headquarters covering all parts of the Country, coupled with direct communication systems through to Police and key holders locally who are able to respond immediately to any suspicious activity.
We are able to provide domestic and commercial CCTV installations with local or remote recording of video footage, including legal planning permissions.
Contact us for a no obligation quote and expert advice as to how we can help you to deter unwanted guests or save you considerable money in employment thefts costing tens of thousands of pounds a year.


We offer a thorough debugging service throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Our equipment and experience will be able to identify any ” Bugs ” that have been fitted and safely remove them.
At Select Private Investigations we are able to undertake counter surveillance bug sweeping and detection in using advanced electronic counter surveillance and debugging equipment to locate the diverse types of equipment that may be deployed against you. Equally we have some highly qualified and trained detectives who are able to discuss and carry out such intermit searches.
We are able to undertake de-bugging services in many locations from client’s homes, offices, factory’s and their personal or company vehicles. Repeated sweeping activity to maintain location “cleansing” are available and can be arranged during our consultation with you.
If you are concerned that you are under surveillance in any manner and wish to discuss your options further then we suggest that you contact us in a new location to you, perhaps from an internet PC in a hotel reception or coffee shop or a friend or colleagues house. We would advise if calling by phone; from either a new phone to you, perhaps a call box or a friend’s telephone.
All calls or referrals that are received are treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.


Many companies have a Drug and or Alcohol issue with staff. We can provide a drug and alcohol testing policy and implement screening programmes.
Random drug testing has improved significantly in recent years with the development of saliva based drug testing equipment, to conduct on the spot testing. This removes the need to have same sex sample takers and enables the whole process of testing to be observed by an independent witness.


Select Private Investigations are fully equipped to deal with any fraudulent claim effectively and efficiently.
We also accurately record evidence, making detailed plans, professional photos and videos to a high standard, suitable for use as evidence. We are able to guarantee the best quality evidence with our expert investigators working closely with you to deliver the findings in the most suitable format and delivered to you personally.
For any further advice and guidance and a no obligation quote call Select Private Investigations now and speak to one of experts.



Litigation management can be difficult and stressful with various critical deadlines and time constraints to meet, including people not responding to letters: witnesses disappearing, clients moving without informing the correct authorities etc.
We at Select Private Investigations can help by rapidly locating and/or contacting those elusive witnesses. Arranging personal delivery of urgent letters and Summonses in addition to obtaining written receipts where possible. We would aim to obtain up to date contact details for future service and securing contact telephone numbers of the witness.
We will always provide you the client with a proof of service statement.

We have professional investigators with many years’ experience of interviewing witnesses and taking detailed, professional and evidential statements in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules.

We can provide detailed and evidential Impact statements from witnesses who have been subject to a traumatic situation in their lives for court use. Such an incident could have life changing or long lasting detrimental effects on their future and the future of their families.
We can also provide an assessment interview statement of how a witness would fare in Court.

Where required, we can provide a Court Support Service to assist and chaperone the witness through a very demanding and sometimes intimidating and traumatic court process.
Our trained and experience investigators can be with a witness every step of the way starting from picking up and collecting the witness from home and supporting them throughout the Magistrates, Crown or Civil process to the end.


Our team have experience in obtaining personal information about individuals in a highly discreet manner. We are able to research an individual’s background to gather information about their past as well as their present, in addition to investigating the movements of a partner or verify information to confirm their story to you. We will always provide you with a written report backed up with photographic and video evidence, to help set the report details in a clear context for you to understand, for use within any further legal case.
We treat all enquiries with the utmost confidentiality, empathy and professionalism. All client referrals are bespoke and every enquiry will be dealt with on an individual personal basis with the process of investigation tailor made to your requirements, overseen by expert advice and guidance with our most experienced investigators.


Through Select Investigations, our PC and email monitoring is the modern way of catching your partner cheating or checking that a person is using an illegal or unauthorised site on the internet or checking that your child is not being groomed by any undesirable person or paedophile ring.
What are your staff doing on your computer whilst they should be working?
Do you know what your children are looking at or researching on the Internet?
Whether you prove their guilt or their innocence of what they are doing is under handed, or whether it be cheating or using unauthorised sites, this is a fully evidential fool proof way to finding out the truth and a great way to put your mind at rest, allowing you to restore control and move forward in your life.


We at Select Private Investigations are dedicated to helping you get the information that you need; whether you are searching for someone who is hard to track down, or you need to unearth concealed data which could affect your life, our private investigators UK or worldwide, can bring you the closure that you need.
The commencement process is simple, merely provide us with as much of the key information as possible and we will endeavor to do the rest.


GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most powerful tools for obtaining evidence of whether your partner is cheating, or tracking your staff when delivering goods, checking on your fleet to ensure value for money or cost effective maintenance.
It is extremely cost effective and a very discreet way to find out where your partner is going and who they are meeting.
During the period that the tracker is fitted clients will be provided with a full report detailing the areas where the vehicle has been driven over a period of time.
We are able to deploy vehicle trackers at very short notice throughout the UK at any time of the day or night with tracking devices being able to be deployed either covertly or overtly depending upon the client’s requirements.


Phone Number Tracing is one of our most popular services.
This service is often used when our customers have found a number on their partner’s phone and find the number suspicious. Or where a regular unknown number frequently appears on a child’s phone which again appears suspicious and secretive. We are able to obtain a phone number for a particular person such as an old friend, an old flame or maybe a long-lost family member.


Select Private Investigations have the ability to carry out phone analysis and technology to retrieve deleted data such as Text Messages from the past and present.
We can access and retrieve mobile phone text messages, emails, contacts and phone-call lists; without leaving any traces. This can be done on virtually any phone make or model.
With our experienced detectives, we can see what websites are being visited, chat rooms and conversations being used and general over all activity. Such analysis is useful for parents in order to monitor their child’s computer use in addition to managers for monitoring staff at work.
Once data has been extracted, we are able to produce a detailed report on a mobile device, based on the forensically retrieved information. Our findings report is presented in a clear concise and meaningful format that is easily understandable to you the client.


Select Private Investigations offer a fast efficient process serving delivery service, that includes the service of legal papers across the UK, including the preparation and swearing of necessary affidavits.
We provide nationwide process serving. We serve all types of court orders and legal documents as quickly as possible, with proof of service returned to you after delivery. We do all this for a fixed fee.
Once the service of the document has been carried out, you will receive a full signed statement as proof of service, that can be used by you or your legal representative in any future case.


For many reasons, a person may choose to hide the fact that they have a regular partner who is living with them.
It is often for legal reasons that a client needs to prove that the suspect is cohabiting with another person and it is exactly this type of proof that we at Select Private Investigations are experts in acquiring.
We will supply you with the evidence that you require in the form of video, photographic and written evidence to provide sufficient support for any case.
All calls and enquiries are treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


Select Private Investigations have the expertise to professionally interview witnesses, obtain statements, including impact statements involving many aspects of legal claims or disputes covering insurance claims, civil claims and disputes, civil litigation and motor accident claims.

We have some of the most experienced ex-police officers and detectives, highly qualified in statement taking.

All statements are proof read and supplied in a typed, signed legal format.


Select Private Investigations have the capability to conduct covert surveillance on behalf of you the client for a variety of reasons and is a great way to find out the truth, with photographic and video evidence being provided.
From finding out if your partner is cheating on you or discovering simple Insurance and benefit Fraud claim, there really is no place your partner or claimant can hide without you finding out who they are seeing or what they are doing.
We also provide counter-surveillance services if you fear that you are being monitored or followed, this is a very bespoke surveillance technique that we are able to undertake but will require a very detailed planning stage prior to carrying out such a service which will require some of our best covert tactics.
If you feel this is the case, we will need to talk to you in a very covert and discreet manor.


Bad debt can cripple a business or an individual and often the key to recovering that debt is the fast and efficient tracing of the debtors.
At Select Private Investigations, our debtor tracing team, have the ability to track down debtors, whether you have a personal or corporate outstanding debt, you can be confident that we have the methods to trace your debtor efficiently and discreetly. Find out today by using our tried and tested methods.